Slipping both hands from the restraint you leap to your feet.  You are suddenly hit with the crashing realization that your muscles are tight and exhausted, the cold damp floor and the lack of sustinance has seriously inhibited your motor skills, even more so that you had anticipated.  You move forward, seemingly in slow motion towards your captor.  Your body moves sluggishly slow, even as the adrenaline pumps through your veins.  You reach for the neck of the shadowy figure and squeeze with all the strength you have in your malnourished and dehydrated body.  The man easily spins within your grasp.  He raises his right hand, still clutching the metal hose attachments and brings it down in a crashing blow.  You hear the deafening thud as the metal strikes your skull.  Your ears ring with pain and your vision temporarily flashes white.  Again he brings the clenched fist down, striking your cheek and tearing flesh from your face.  You fall to your knees, releasing your weak grasp from his neck.  Again he crushes a stinging blow down on you, knocking you further to the floor.  You raise your hands and cover the back of your head, instinctively moving into a fetal position on the cold hard ground.  Again and again the blows fall until they are no longer accompanied by pain, just a dull fleshy thud and the reverberation of it through your limp body.  You cower on the round, unable to raise any kind of a defense against the violent attack.  The impacts begin to subside and you force one bloodied and swollen eyelid to raise just enough to peek beneath the purple lid.  Your vision is clouded by blood streaming from the plethora of deep head and facial wounds.  You blink hard, trying deperately to clear a line of sight. You can make out the shadowy figure hovering over you.  He cocks his head in some kind of sick admiration and pulls the gun from his waistband, fondling it in his fingers as he looks down at you.   He kneels down and your vision clears enough to make out his face.  He presses the shiny barrel of the gun to your forehead.  You feel the ring of cold steel against your skin and fear grips your heart.  


"Congratulations, you just became more trouble than you are worth" He cackles in a low gruff voice.


You see a demented smile cross his face as he pulls the trigger.