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You nod your head and the detective walks back over to the desk.  You begin, giving him your name and all your pertinant information.  He asks for your identification, which you don't have of course.  He reassures you and keeps writing. 


"Just tell me what happened?  Where?  When?  Who?"  He encourages


You begin to tell him about how you met Jen at the club and how the two of you had drinks and danced and then started feeling sick. You give as much detail as you can remember about the events leading up to the blackout.  


"Do you know who the guys were?"  he asks empathetically.


At that exact moment the door swings open again, this time without a knock.  


"Stone!  I'll take it from here."  A voice booms through the door. You hang your head as shame again floods your body.  


"Sergeant?"  Detective Stone interjects questioningly.  


"You heard me.  Theres a perp in my office that needs to make a statement.  Please take care of it. I'll take over here."


"OK"   The detective shakes his head a little and leans over the desk, taking your hand.  "Your in good hands.   Just tell him everything that happened.  We'll get these guys."  You look up and smile an uncertain smile as he collects a couple of folders and gets up from his desk.  

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