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You crack an eyelid open and take in the immediate situation, maintaining a stillness and feigning unconciousness.  You hear Talon cock his gun and know you have to act immediately if you have any chance of saving yourself.  He is kneeling on the cushion and leaning over your body, gun cocked and aimed at the detective.   His unbuckled pants are inches from your face exposing his boxers beneath his blues.  You force your body forward with all the strength your body can muster beyond the hold of the debilitating drugs.  You clench your teeth on the tissue lurking beneath the boxers and clamp down with everything you have.  You feel a crunch like chewing on a grisely piece of steak as Talon shrieks out in pain.  You hear a blast and then another.  The metallic taste of blood rushes into your mouth.  You fight to hold on to your conciousness as the drugs make their final assault on your senses.  Your eyes roll back in your head and blackness fills your vision.  

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