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You stuff the little box and rush out the door,  the manager chasing behind you with the bill.  You jump in your car and speed off down the road in pursuit of Ristain.  You weave feverishly in and out of traffic until you finally spot him.  You stomp on the gas, racing through the traffic until you are right behind him.  You honk on your horn relentlessly, trying to get his attention.  Finally as he nears an intersection he turns to look at you.   You motion for him to pull over.  He looks ahead and as he pulls into the intersection he is immediately snatched from your view as a cement truck barrels through the intersection.  Neither of you noticed that the light was red.  You don't even have time to soak in the horror as your car slams into the back of the cement mixer.  Your body is launched out of the windshield as your car spins through the intersection.   You feel weightless as your bloodies body sails through the air, crashing to the ground and rolling in a flesh heap as your skin is scraped off by the rough asphalt.   Your tattered corpse finally comes to rest in a pile resembling raw hamburger against the far curb.   You have only a moment to reflect on what just happened before your life drains away down the gutter,  

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