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     Periodically there is a break in the music long enough to get a couple of words in, but for the most part you sit there and enjoy the  smorgasbord of sights and sounds, particuarly the sights in close proximity.   After a few more rounds, Jen grabs your hand and motions that we are heading to the little girls room.   She drags you off down the stairs and into the swarms of gyrating bodies.  The two of you make your way through the crowd, getting accosted several times by groups of men and women that proceed to grind on the two of you as you make your way past.  You and Jen stumble through the bathroom door, giggling hysterically and nearly knocking some highly inebriated brunette to the floor.  


"Sorry.....Sorry.....Sorry'  the two of you giggle in unison, trying to catch her as she sways dangerously backwards.  She continues out the door, seemingly unaware of the near death experience involving her skull and the porcelain sink.  The two of you lean against the nasty wall, waiting your turn for one of the filthy little stalls.  


"So??"  she questions you "Aren't they amazing!" 


"Oh my god"  you exclaim breathlessly.  "Where the hell did you meet these guys?"


"I ran into Cade, my guy, at the coffee shop earlier today."  She explains nonchalantly.  


"You don't even know them?" you ask with a hint of skepticism in your voice. 


"No" she shouts back at you, sounding insulted.  "But who fucking cares!  Have you seen them??"


You raise your eyebrows and nod approvingly.  How can you argue with that logic.


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