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    "That was my sister, Emma'" he giggles, "I wanted you to meet her this week, but I was hoping that it would be a surprise.  I told her not to answer the phone but she never listens to me."


You sit there silently on the phone, letting the information sink in.  You begin to feel like a complete idiot for being so suspicious.  


"Are you ok?"  Ris asks again in a more empathetic tone.  "I knew I should have called you right back but I was hoping you thought you dialed the wrong number or something.  I still had high hopes of a surprise and didn't want to blow it."


You breath deeply and speak in more of a whimper than a voice.  "It was your sister?"  


Ristain laughs out loud.  "Your so cute.  She just flew in this afternoon.  We have stuff going on all week, but I was hoping you could meet her on Friday when we go out."


A sense of relief, emotional exhaustion and embarassement sweeps over you.  "Ok"  you squeek out.  


"Great, we will see you then!"


You say goodbye and hand up the phone.  As the shock and emotional trauma fade, you realize that you still haven't dicussed the job offer with him. 


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