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The closing of the door wakes the detective from his slumber. 


"Hey"  He says in a quiet voice, standing and making his way to your bedside.  "How ya feeling?"  


You shrug your shoulders, still fighting the sore catch in your windpipe.  He pushes a tendril of hair from your forehead with his stong hand, tracing it down your cheek and chin before dropping it to his side.  He stares down at you with the most caring eyes you've ever seen.  They are a bright green which is absolutely striking against his deep chocolate skin.  


"You got shot?" you manage to croak out in barely a whisper


"It's nothing" he brushes the comment off.  "Sergeant Taft is dead"  he says calmly, putting his hand on your arm reassuringly.  "and Reynolds is going to be away for a very long time."


It takes you a moment to piece together who he is talking about but then it occurs to you that he is referring to Cade and Talon.


"Thank you" you crackle, tears welling in your eyes again.  


"Thank me?"  he questions with an incredulous shirk.  "Thank YOU!  You saved my life.  Damn girl, you are one crazy piece of work.  He never saw it coming."  A warm smile crosses his face as he squeezes your arm.  He goes on to tell you that with the bag you retrieved they were able to throw the book at the officers and the receptionist and put an end to the evil game they had been playing for years. He pulls the chair behind him and sits down, right next to your bed, clasping your hand in his. 


"I'm not letting you out of my sight again"  He cocks his head, his eyes sparkling. 

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