"I think we have something really amazing....and I would rather have this..." You state, motioning to the two of you "than that."


You take a shakey breath and look down at your half-eaten taco salad,  having finally blurted out what you came to say. 


There is a  pause, your heart begins to race, unsure what reaction the bold confession will draw.  Your stomach flips and flops as you stare at a peice of wilted lettuce on your plate, waiting for his response.  You suddenly feel the warmth of his hand on your cheek.  His fingers trail down your face and lift your gaze towards him.  Your eyes meet his with the timid quality of a nervous teenager.  He stares into your eyes with a depth that you've never seen before.    


"You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear you say that" he answers in a weak voice, eyes glistening with moisture. You sit there lost in one another's gaze until the waitress breaks the bond as she flops the check down on the table with a slap.  You both jump slightly and sit up straight, realizing how moony-eyed you must have appeared.  


"I'll be your cashier when you're ready" she announces, wiping her hands on her apron.  She turns and attends to a table a couple booths down. 


Ristain reaches across the table, pushing the check to the side and you meet his hands with yours.  He holds your hand firmly in his, stroking the top of it with his thumb.