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You usually make a point of remaining stoic when it comes to Angela and her interrogations.  As it seems that emotion seems to feed her overwhelming desire to make your life miserable, but today you are too happy to care.  You lean back comfortably in your chair, throwing your feet onto the freshly organized desk and crossing your legs.  You clasp your fingers behind your head and stretch out, wheeling your chair a little further back until it hits the wall of the cubicle.  This is going to be too easy. 


"Yeah, What the hell.  It's a beautiful day, who's gonna know"   you announce with a pleased grin on your face.  


"Mr McAllister frowns on anyone leaving early you know.  You are being paid for a full day, you are expected to work a full day".  She dictates.  You are pretty sure she studies the employee handbook in her off hours in between feeding her 47 cats.   


"Eh"  is all you say, shrugging your shoulders and pulling your feet back to the ground.  You grab your purse, spin the chair around and stand up. Without another word you walk past the amazon and make your way to the elevator.  You don't even have to look back to see the expression on her face.  A wonderful mixture of anger, frustration and duty to rat you out.  A broad smile crosses your lips, more than delighted with the way you left her, standing there, impotent.  You reach the elevator and turn to see her scurrying off like some low life informant.  You are 100% certain she is rushing off to report your indescretions, and that fact makes your day even brighter.  

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