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You settle back into your chair and swing it back around to face Mr McAllister, clearly pleased with yourself. 


"Alright, enough with the distractions, lets get down to brass tacks.  Have you considered my offer?"  He asks in a firm 'lets get down to business' way. 


"Yes sir I have, quite extensively"  You answer quickly and concisely.


"And...?  What have you decided?"  He questions


"Well sir, I am very thankful for the opportunity and your terms are more than acceptable.  I believe that I can contribute significantly in the proposed position".  You hold your head high, quite happy with your dictated and prepared monologue.


"I hear a 'but' in there"  He observes


"Well, there are some obstacles that my inhibit my ability to do my job effectively"  You recite with all the professionalism you can drum up.  You sit up a little straighter, proud of the articulate statements that you so methodically calculated before you arrived.  


"Don't bullshit me"  He exclaims "I get bullshitted by people all day every day.  Whats the problem?"



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