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He straightens his glasses and opens the folder up, spreading it out on the top of the desk.  He leans forward and begins reading and paging through the personal information.  You strain your eyes, but you are unable to make anything out.  


"I see that Mr. Tayne has been with us for quite some time.  I assume that you are aware of the policy regarding dating relationships with members of management?"  He looks up over is glasses, raising an eyebrow at you. 


"Yes sir.  That is why I thought it important to bring this to your attention immediately"  you state in a clear unbiased voice. 


"He peers over his glasses at you again, "Immediately would have been yesterday" he says disapprovingly.  


"Yes sir"  you squeak out in an apologetic tone. "The conflict didn't occur to me until after we spoke yesterday."


That seems to appease him and he looks back down at the stack of records. 


"I see here that Mr. Tayne has been vying for a promotion into the computer processing department.  Judging by his credentials, I'm not sure why he hasnt gotten the advancement already."  He flips casually through the stack of documents.  "Ok, well I can't see any reason why I can't make that move for Mr. Tayne.  So that should take care of that problem.  Is there anything else I should be aware of before we finalize this agreement?" 







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