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The sun is still up, but only just barely.  The air is sweet with the late day smells of cooling grass and warmed earth.  The sun begins to change the sky into brilliant shades of purple and vibrant splashes of pink and orange decorate the edges of the puffy clouds.  You take a deep breath and enjoy the lovely scene as you drive to Ristain's house.  You turn down Destiny way and your stomach knots up in an excited school girl kind of way.  There is an unusual number of vehicles along the roadside tonight.  You wonder which of Ristain's elderly neighbors are having themselves a party.  Pickled beets for everyone, you think to yourself, shaking your head at your callousness.  You end up parking about a block away from the house and start your walk.  The clouds are lit up in a warm shade of pink. On the horizon, firey reds and oranges light up the sky in illuminating beams.  You breath in the cool air.  Above you, a couple of small songbirds say goodnight to the sun as they settle in to their cozy little nests.  As you approach the house, you are shocked to see the amount of work that has been done.  Ris has been a busy bee this week!  The porch is entirely redone, complete with a beautiful porch swing that is floating back and forth in the breeze.    The rich cedar wood seems to glow in the fading light of the day.  The house has been repainted in a lovely sunny yellow with white trim. You walk up the newly installed cobblestone walk and open the new white picket fence gate.  You are suddenly gripped by an overwhelming sense of anticipation as you near the door.  You climb the cedar stairs, admiring the workmanship.  You run your fingers along the railing, marveling at it's smooth finish.  You smile to yourself, being reminded of your father's expert craftsmanship.  Even he would be impressed by this one!  You reach the door and giggle a bit to yourself when you see the little burnt wood sign that reads, "The Tayne's".    You open the screen door and knock on the newly installed heavy wood door.  You stand on your tip toes and peer into the small stained glass window that arches above the 4 panels in the door.  A shadow passes across the colored prism and you drop back down to the soles of your feet.  You hear a click as the door unlatches.  The door swings open and you are greeted by the face of your father, and not in a figurative sense. 


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