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"Ladies...Gentlemen.....Mom..."He motions to diner Mary on the couch. "I would like to thank you all for coming this evening to celebrate my newly completed home."  A housewarming party.....things start to make a little bit more sense, although you are still reeling from the unexpected sight of both your parents.  


He continues "I would like to thank everyone that came out this week to help me make this house a reality.  I couldn't have done it myself." He motions to your father on the couch who nods in reply. "I started this project with the hopes of creating my own little corner of paradise.  A place to call my own.  But its funny how fate sometimes decides it has different plans for you" He glances lovingly your way.  


"One day, not too long ago, the fates made me rethink those plans that I had set in motion,  That was the day I got lucky."


Shawn reaches into the breast pocket and pulls a long gold chain out of it.  On the end of the chain hangs a perfectly designed rose.  He places the chain over your head and the beautiful little rose nestles itself into the lilac valley between the rise of your breasts.  


"The first time I met this woman it made me rethink everything in my life,  heck, I was even a no show for an interview I had the night after I met her because I was certain that there was no way I was moving to Dallas and missing out on this opportunity,  I have never felt more fortunate than I did the day she 'fell' into my life." He grins at you, sharing the private joke between just the two of you.  You blush and look down at the pendant hanging against your chest.  You take it in your fingers and examine it more closely.  It only takes you a moment to realize it's a penny that is meticulously crafted into a rose.  It's THE penny.  He kept it all this time,  

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