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Ristain continues to pat your back vigorously until you wave him away, still coughing and hacking with every breath.  You try desperately to take a deep breath, but the air comes flying back down as quickly as you can suck it down.  The commotion has effectively drawn the attention of every patron in the restaurant.  Mary comes running with yet another glass of water.  She puts the glass down and swiftly smacks Ristain in the back of the head.


"What the hell did you do to her, Ris" she yells!  She must know him well you determine in your oxygen depleated mind. 


"Nothin....nothin....!"  he giggles, holding his hands up defensively over his head,  trying to avoid another swift palm to the noggin.   


Mary, sits next to you with her arm around your shoulder, coaxing you to take another drink of water.  You shake your head and wheeze out "no I'm ok" and then cough again.  She pats you on your back and finally gets up and returns to her duties.  


"I really am sorry" Ristain says meekly.  "I should have waited until you were done drinking"  another giggle escapes his lips but he quashes it quickly.  


Just as you are finally regaining your composure, still unable to talk, your breakfasts arrive.  Mary glares disapprovingly at Ristain as she places the plates in their respective spots.  He smiles and  ducks instinctively, sensing another disciplinary blow.  You take your first full deep breath in what seems like an eternity, breathing in the sweet smell of the enormous cinnamon roll steaming on the plate in front of you.  Cinnamon and thick cream cheese icing cascades over the crisp edges of the perfectly coiled bun, pooling in the plate.  It smells absolutely intoxicating.   The two of you sit quietly and eat your cinnamon rolls, chasing each bite with the rich delicious coffee in your mugs.  Nothing is mentioned of the insideous comment that nearly ended your life.  

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