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"Friday sounds great" you reply in a more relaxed voice, allowing the sweet memories to soften your uncertainty. 


"Ok Baby Doll, I'll see you then."  he sweetly responds.  "I'll call you later this week and give you the details.'


The two of you say goodbye and hang up the phone.  Baby Doll replays in your head over and over.  You've never been given such a sweet nickname before.  You kinda like it.  You flop back down into your chair.  The crashing realization that you must choose between this sweet man and your career, floods your brain like a nasty sewage spill.  Why does everything has to culminate into one ugly ultimatum.  Two paths laid out before you, both seemingly good decisions but both with their own risks.  For hours you sit there, staring blankly into space, playing out different scenarios in your head.  You finally look up at the clock at about 9:00.  "I need to talk to Ristain about this"  you whisper to yourself.  You need to know where you stand with him.  It seems ridiculous given the amount of time you've known him but you just feel such a connection with him, that somehow it will make a difference to know where his head is.  You accept the possibility that this is not serious enough to base any life decisions on and you are actually ok with that.  Its not like you've invested years with the guy or anything.  At the very least you have to let him know that you are going to be his boss if he stays put, even if you're not dating.  That's got to be a little intimidating, or atleast a bit immasculating.  You pick up the phone and dial his number.  Ready to sit down face to face and with him and hammer out a decision.  


     The phone rings several times and finally is answered.


"Hello?"  Your chest tightens up instantly and you find yourself unable to speak as a sickly sweet and overy breathy female voice answers the phone  "Hel-llooooooo?"  She sings tauntingly into the phone, "Is anyone therrrrre?  I can he-e-e-e-e-ear you."



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