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     you wander into your bedroom and slink under the covers as if hiding from the world.  You stare blankly at the ceiling, unable to sleep under the weight of the night's events.  A replay of what little you can remember plays over and over on the screen in your mind. You vividly recall very little, with little bits and peices coming together in a collage of ugliness.  Ocassionally, a horrible image of some traumatic event flashes through your mind and you feel the pain all over again, nursing one of the numerous bruises and contusions riddling your body.  You fight vehemently with the procession of images, trying desperately to forget, and hoping fruitlessly that it was just some horrible dream.  The phone rings several times but you don't leave the relative safety of your bed.  Finally at some point, physical and emotional exhaustion win out over fear and anxiety and your body is overtaken by sleep.  


     You awake with a jolt and jump from your bed, startled by an obviously disturbing dream.  You leap to your feet, your eyes darting around the room, fighting to regain your presence of mind and convincing yourself that you were dreaming, atleast this time.  The familiar surroundings of your apartment don't seem to offer any solace.  Nothing seems the same anymore, like your entire world has been shattered and leveled into a dark, bleak existance.  Nothing can be trusted.  You glance at the's blinking 12:00....12:00.....12:00 over and over again.  A familiar pang of panic grips you like it normally would when you woke up to such a sight, but it is quickly replaced by the realization that you don't even know what day it is.  You grab your phone and hit the calendar icon.  It's Monday.....and its 11:30 in the afternoon.  

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