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     You call him quickly and ask him to meet you for lunch the next day. 


     You awaken to a gorgeous morning.  You roll out of bed and perform all the morning rituals and head into work early.  The morning flies by exceedingly fast.  Your only interruption is from the bohemeth, Angela, prying for information about what happened to 

Susan and what will become of the position in accounting.  You have a hard time holding in a laugh when she insinuates that she may be up for the promotion.  Lunch rolls around and you gather your emotions and reasoning skills and head outside to meet Ristain.  You tell him to meet you at your favorite sandwich shop, as you certainly don't want to be caught without a ride depending on how it goes. 


     You suggest a booth in the back, hoping to have a little bit of privacy.  Ris takes your hands from across the table. 


"Whats this all about Babydoll?"  He looks deep into your eyes with so much concern that you nearly lose it and burst into tears.  You are obviously a bit emotionally taxed today.   


"I got offered a promotion" you blurt out in a tone that isn't as enthusiastic as such news should mandate. 


"That's fantastic!" He exclaims, genuinely excited for you.  He squeezes your hands in his.  He pauses and crooks his head, noticing your incredible lack of enthusiasm.  "You don't look very excited about it?"


"Well, thats what I need to talk to you about"  Your eyes look down at the table are really not looking forward to this....  "It's as the manager of the accounting department."  you finally manage to say quickly, hoping it will hurt less, like pulling off a bandaid.  



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