"Oh" He replies, a bit less jubilent.  He sits upright in the bench seat and bites his lip.  He crosses his arms across his chest and looks at you with a reaction that you can't seem to read. "I see, I guess that does pose a problem doesn't it?"  


You can't tell if he's pissed that you got the job, worried he'll lose his or none of the above.  


"I think it would be a great opportunity for me, but you know how strict they are about dating when it's a management/subordinate relationship thing" You look up at him again, trying desperately to get a read on him. 


"So now I'm a subordinate?"  His face turns from solemn to irritated in an instant.


"N-n-n-no, I didn't mean that.....I just mean....well you know..." you stutter, frantically trying to regain a footing.  You suddenly feel like you are toppling backwards off a cliff. 


"I'm kidding"  he laughs "but seriously, what do you want to do?"


You feel the ball bounce solidly back into your court.  You're not sure what you were expecting.  It is your job afterall, and yet you had this idea in your head that he would somehow respond in such a way that it would answer the question for you.  No such luck. Do you lay it all on the line and come off as some needy psychopath that is reading way too much into this relationship?  Or do you play hard to get and tell him you're going to focus on your career.