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You lay there in bed, staring at the ceiling.  Work has been far from gratifying as of late.  You had high hopes that after years of making sure all your reports were diligently completed, that you would hve been offered some kind of promotion by now.  Maybe a day off or two is what you need to recharge.  You roll over and doze off again.  Something about that sleep after you were supposed to get up, it's alway the most satisfying.  


    Some time later, you wake to find the midday sun streaming through the curtains and projecting a virulent ray directly into your cornea.  The rest of the room stays reletively dim behind the curtains, but that single beam manages to find the exact spot to effectively blind you in one eye.  Some higher power is obviously tormenting you for playing hooky today.  You roll over to the other side of the bed and look at the alarm clock through the one good eye....the one without the large black floating dead zone in the field of view.  11:04.  Good grief!  You can't remember the last time you slept this late.  You feel the headache creeping up the back of your neck.  The punishing effects of sleeping in too long,  Another jab from someone above, you figure.   Everytime you sleep in too late you come to the crashing conclusion that it's really not worth it.  All you manage to achieve is a splitting migraine, a sense that you have wasted half the day and an exhaustion that is more omnipresent now than if you would have just gotten out of bed.  You grab the short fuzzy robe draped over the chair next to the bed and throw it on. 


    The apartment is dark and lifeless.  You shuffle into the kitchen and pull the coffee maker towards you.  It sticks to the counter as you pry it out from beneath the counter, nearly toppling over.  Shoddy housekeeping...your mother would be so disappointed.  You pull open the cupboard door and stare blankly at the spot where the coffee filters should be, knowing full well you forgot to pick any up.  You grab the roll of paper towels and stuff one haphazardly into the filter drawer and fill it with coffee.  As the coffee maker gurgles its daily song, you meander off to the bathroom.  

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