You are finally seated in a small table for two next to the window.  You quickly switch sides when you sit down and discover that the same mischievious beam of light from this morning has found its way through the blinds a few windows up, zeroing in on the cornea of the other eye.  


"What can I get you?"  asks the waitress, without looking up from her little pad of paper. 


"Coffee and an omelet with sausage, cheese and peppers", you respond, neatly folding the menu in front of you. 


"We don't serve breakfast after 11" she growls, peering over her oversized spectacles.  


"Of course you don't"  you mumble to yourself.  You open the menu back up and search over the lunch menu.  You were really looking forward to breakfast.....  You scan the menu quickly and settle on a french dip.  


You sit there watching the sun glimmering off the shiny green leaves of the tree outside the window.  Your sandwich is decent, but only as good as it could be after the disappointment of it not being breakfast.   


    You make your way back to the apartment about 1:30.  Yup, you've wasted away the day.  Its just about too late to do much of anything now, or your just too lazy.....either way.  You are starting to feel a bit guilty about skipping out on work.  It would have been one thing if you did anything fun or productive with the free time but that ship has sailed.  For a moment you allow yourself to think maybe there is a reason you haven't gotten that promotion.  Come to think of didn't even call them.