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His hard body pushes against you.  Your body pulses with anticipation.  His hands roam your body, caressing your breasts and trailing his fingers down your stomach.  He plunges his fingers deep into the soft wet folds between your thighs.  You feel a gasp escape your lips as you fight the overwhelming urge to collapse into the tub.  Ecstasy sweeps over your body.  He continues to manipulate you with his fingertips, obviously turned on by the hot passion dripping down his fingers and wetting his palm.  The water in the shower doesn't hold a candle to your own sensual lubricant so abundantly flowing at his touch.  His breath quickens as he buries his face in your neck, nibbling and licking.  You grab his hard shaft and pull him to you.  He effortlessly slips into your waiting body.  The two of you writhe in passion against the shower wall, desperately searching for a foothold or a handle to steady your body so he can thrust even deeper into you.  Your back arches away from the wall and time seems to stand still as the two of you lose yourselves in the moment.  You feel his body fill with anticipation as does your own.  His thrusts intensify as heat fills your body.  Pleasure washes over you as your body is racked by an intense orgasm.  You feel him tense up as you tighten your grip on him.  You feel him from the inside, pulsing and tensing in unison with you as he lets out a loud moan, exploding into your body.  The two of you collapse against the wall, water still pouring over you.  Exasperated you turn the knob towards the "c", allowing cool water to spill over your overheated breathless bodies.  You finally wrap yourselves in towels and wander incoherently into the bedroom where you again stumble into the bed and fall asleep in one another's arms. 


     You spend the day riding around the hills and mountains on the motorcycle, occassionally stopping at some stunning overlook to enjoy the view.  It is a spectacular day.  You can't imagine anything better than spending the day with your arms wrapped around this amazing man.  You stop at a small restaurant and have lunch before you head back out on the road.  A short lunch ends up being two hours of friendly banter.  You've never felt so comfortable.  You feel as though just being yourself is enough.  As the sun begins to set, the two of you pull up in front of your apartment.  He helps you off the seat and stares deeply into your eyes.  He makes you feel like you have been his for all eternity.  



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