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     You search out your gym bag and load it up with your sweat rag, a snack and a bottle of water and head off to the gym.  It's been weeks since you've been to the gym...or even lifted a finger to work out....It may even be months!  It's always the same pattern;


 1:  Incredible motivation   2:  Feverish Dedication 3:  Lack of quick results 4:  Giving up   5:  Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatos.


But here you are again, bursting with incredible motivation and the determination that this time things will be different.  This time does feel different somehow, like a new beginning.  Maybe it was the weekend of relaxation that has hit the reset button, but whatever it is, you feel ready to take on the world.  You step out the door with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.  


     It's a crisp morning, not cold, but certainly not warm.  The sun occassionally peaks throught the heavy grey clouds and a cold wind is blowing out of the east,  You pull your coat around you a bit tighter and head to your car.  The drive to the gym is uneventful, with the exception of the everpresent piss poor drivers.  You pull into the familiar parking lot with the gym name splashed on the side of the brick building.  Huge glass windows line the front of the building, exposing a multitude of gyrating, scantily clad health nuts bobbing up and down on elipticals and stairclimbers and whatnot.  You've never been one to put yourself on display for the rest of the world.  You certainly never see the more fluffy of the exercisers in the front row.  They/we tend to find a nice quiet machine a little further from view.  You stride into the gym, holding your head high and trying to look as confident and comfortable as possible.  You certainly don't want to look like the one that hasn't set foot in a gym for 3 months....maybe more.  Alas, the majority of the hard bodies strutting around are regulars, so it's probably pretty obvious.  You make your way back to the women's locker room, glancing at the multitude of natural and artificially enhanced hardbodies on the way.  You've always wondered what it would be like to have one of those chiseled bodies but so far the dedication that they seem to find so easily has eluded you.  You walk deeper into the weight zone where several hardcore body builders are heaving and arching as they force as much weight as humanly possible into the air. 

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