You smile back at the source of the voice, blinking hard to clear the sweat and film from your field of vision.  Across from you, a red glistening head bobs above the water grinning back at you.  


"I was starting to think I should call someone" he chides. 


You laugh a little to yourself and look down at the water.  You roll your neck back and forth and drop your outstretched arms back into the hot water,  You shoulders wince a bit, locked into their previous position on the rim.  The man across the tub stretches out his hand towards you.   You feel a bit awkward, sitting her half naked with this bodiless man that suddenly shoves a hand in your direction. 


"Ethan"  He announces with an air of confidence you wouldn't have expected.  You take his hand with the intention of making a quick acquaintance but he has a firm grip and looks directly in your eyes as he shakes your hand.  You suddenly feel as if you are sitting stark naked on a park bench as he seems to look right through you.  


"I haven't seen you in here before."   He queries


"Yeah...I've been pretty lazy lately.  Haven't been in in a month or so" you lie.  


"Im surprised."  he says with a coy smile, "You look like you spend alot of time at the gym."


You feel a little more heat in your face as you blush, but you are fairly certain your head is already the color of a tomato so your embarrassment is incognito.