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     A moan excapes your lips.  your hands roam from his shirtless back, down to the faded blue jeans draped loosely around his hips. You grab his firm buttocks and pull him tight against you.  You can feel his strength beneath his jeans sending waves of erotic pain coursing through your thighs and radiating throughout your body,  He runs his hands down each side of your body, caressing every curve hiding under the oversized shirt.  He continues down your hips and around the back of your thighs.  He hoists you up and you wrap your legs around his waist.  The rough material of his jeans rubs against you.  Heat radiates from the firmness bound behind his zipper.  You wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him closer and kissing him passionately.  He strides effortlessly through the door into the bedroom.  he gently lays you onto the bed and kneels beside you, gazing down at you for a moment with those deep brown eyes.  He leans on an elbow along side you and begins to undo the buttons onthe shirt with his free hand.  With each button the shirt falls open a bit more until finally it slips off both sides, exposing your naked body.  Your nipples are already erect and overly sensitive with the rush of ecstasy running through your body.  He leans down and kisses your neck and then your chest, slowly and methodically working his way down to your breasts  His hot breath teases and tantalizes your breasts in ways you have never experienced.  His hand cups your breasts as he teases you with the tip of his tongue.  Slowly, his fingers trace your body's curve downward to your hips, exploring every arch and valley.  He continues to tantalize your breasts, but your attention is focussed on the unquestionable direction of his finger tips.  You arch your back in anticipation of his strong touch.  A moan again excapes your lips, becoming louder with every moment of his firey skill.   The audible sexual arousal turns him on even more.  You feel his breath quicken as he continues between your thighs.  He teases your nipples more aggressively while his fingers brush your inner thigh, skimming, but not quite touching the soft wet folds of your body.  He pauses and looks at you longingly, you can feel your eyes begging him to touch you and he hears your pleas.  He continues to watch you intently as his fingers explore you.  You are unbelievably wet beneath his touch.  Every inch of your body seems electric...seeming to send out a jolting shock every time his fingertips contact your skin.  His fingers slide effortlessly into you and you writhe in ecstacy under his gaze.  You close your eyes and cry out, unable to contain your arousal.  He rubs your clit gently, sending shudders though your body with every motion.  

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