You wake up early on Monday morning.  The sky is still dark.  You yawn and stretch your hands over your head, banging them loudly on your headboard.  You arch your back in a deep stretch but are quickly pulled back to prone by a menacing spastic cramp in your lower back.  You wince and twist your back, trying to relieve the inevitable side effect of your trip to the gym this weekend.  You roll onto your side and are greeted by the most feared sight of any professional woman......the clock is blinking 12:00.......12:00.........12:00.  A moment of panic floods your body.  You leap from bed and simultaiously hit the floor as a siezing charlie horse grips your thigh.  You clammer to a standing position and limp quickly to your phone on the coffee table in the living room.  You are pretty sure in the dim light you are a dead ringer for Quasimodo.  You grab your phone and hit the button.  You are greeted by a way-too-bright screen.  You squint at the device with one eye, trying to ease the pain.   6:35am.   You breath a sigh of relief and make your way back to the bedroom.  You crawl back in the bed and pull the comforter over you, keeping your phone at arms length next to the bed.  You lie there in bed for a couple minutes more, but falling back asleep is impossible after flooding your body with the adrenaline of thinking you were late.  You get up and make your way into the kitchen to make coffee.  You sit down at the breakfast nook and sip your coffee, daydreaming a bit about the interesting man you met.  Its such a nice change of pace not to be rushed.  You enjoy your coffee and eventually set off for the bathroom.  You turn on the shower and step inside.  The warm water brings back more memories of the intriguing fireman that you can't seem to stop thinking about.  You perform all the daily shower rituals and rinse off in the steamy water.  Hmmmm.   Still plenty of time.   You stand with your back to the water and start to imagine Ethan in the shower with you.  You imagine running your fingers over his rippling chest and his running over yours.  You trail your finger tips down your chest, teasing your own nipples as the fantasy heightens.   You envision his body in front of you and your fingers trail down your stomach, brushing your inner thigh and sending jolts of sensation through your body.