The knocking eventually subsides and you continue drinking.  You are unaware of just how long you've been sitting there in that overstuffed chair.  Days turn to weeks, and with the exception of bathroom breaks and runs to the liquor cabinet you have done little else.  Your phone has been shut off so the constant incoming texts and calls have quit.  The electricity can't be far behind.  You ignore the constant knocks on the door and pleas to open it and please come out.  The landlord starts visiting your threshhold daily.  He bangs heavily on the door and tries to get in with his key but your slide lock keeps him at bay.  He shouts euphemisms and threats at you for hours on end, some you are coherent enough to make out, some not.  Eventually he gives up and leaves you to your determine efforts to kill your liver.  One chilly afternoon, the landlord returns to the apartment, but this time with law enforcement.   Banging ensues for some time but you pay it no mind.  Eventually you hear what sounds to be some kind of equipment, probably a crowbar.  You squint as light pours into the aparment from the hall.  Several uniformed officers file into your livingroom.  Some cover their mouths and noses as the powerful stench of garbage and human waste washes over them.  The more seasoned of the group seem oblivious, going about their tasks.  A flood of pink eviction notices blow into the apartment as the first fresh air in months blows in the door.  You sit stoicly in your chair, clutching an empty bottle of wine to your chest and pulling the comforter tighter around your body.  Two of the larger officers plant themselves on either side of your chair and peer down at your, shaking their heads in disgust.  


"Come on.....Time to go beautiful."  they state sarcastically. 


They pick you up by your elbows as you continue to clutch the comforter.  The empty bottle slips from your grasp and topples to the floor, rolling under the table.  You glance up at the two officers as they heave you out the door.  Still in a boozy fog, you wonder where they are taking you.