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You slide back down the wall and pull the glassy little bottle of retribution half way out of the bag.  You screw off the cap and take a long pull.  The warm brown liquid burns as is rushes down your throat, a very different sensation from the smooth fruitiness of your cheap wine that had previously stocked your liquor cabinet.  Within seconds the firely liquid begins to spread it's warmth throughout your body.  You welcome the sensation like an old friend.  Intrusive thoughts of responsibility and productivness seem to evaporate as the tingly warmth floods your brain.   You tilt the bottle back again, savoring the sweet numbness that coats your tongue and your mouth, all the way down your throat.  You close your eyes and breathe in the crisp air that seem to bite even harder on your alchohol warmed innards.  You stare into the sky, admiring the bubbles as they travel from your mouth up through the rich honey colored elixer.  A snowflake flutters out of the sky and lands squarely on the end of your nose.  You stare cross eyed at the lovely little flake as it sits on your nose, reluctant to melt against the cold extremity.  The flakes begin to come down faster now.  You pull the liquor bottle from your lips and stick out your tongue to catch of few of the rogues.  You take another wonderful swig as the flakes fall faster and faster.  as

 you look down the length of the bottle pointing into the sky you envision that you are a jedi knight zooming through space as the little white stars fly past you in a warp tunnel.   A fleeting memory of sitting on your couch enjoying the trilogy flashes into your mind but you quickly replace it with another sip of pure happiness.  You pull the comforter around you and the chill of the day is quickly replaced by the warm hum of the alchohol.  And so begins your life as a beggar. 

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