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You quickly gather your jacket and keys and rush down the stairs into your car.  Your heart is beating out of your chest.   Your mind racing with scenarios. Somehow you must have dropped your id and your debit card somewhere in the park, even through you don't remember taking it out of your purse.  You must have taken them out when you got lunch and not put them back.  Maybe you put them in your pocket, or tucked them in your bra, you do that alot.  Maybe they were on the car seat or in your lap when you go out.  Yes...Yes...thats got to be it.  You took them out when you paid for lunch and set them in your lap.  So they must either be on the floorboards of the car or in the parking spot at the park.  You remember getting them back from the lady at the drive through but you decide that if they're not at the park you'll try there next, just in case.   You take a deep breath, trying to calm yourself with this resolution of the problem.  You make a right into the parking lot and park just to the left of your previous spot.  You jump out of the car and scan the ground for your missing identity. Several fast food wrappers twist and whirl in the night breeze but no sign of your id or you debit card.  You kneel down next to the driver's side door and search the floor and under the seats.  You slide your hand under the seat over the filthy maroon carpet with more than a little apprehension, unsure of what your fingertips may encounter.  You pull out a few more fast food wrappers and a couple of still sealed envelopes from a couple of utility companies.  Nothing.....You climb over the driver's side seat and fish around the area next to the passenger seat.  No sign of either of them.  You step out of the car again and walk over to where a few of the fast food wrappers have accumulated.  You kick them away with the side of your shoe, hoping to see a shiny black card beneath them.   How they could have migrated more than 25 feet from the spot you parked is irrelevant, the fact is that you are getting desperate.  It wouldn't be a big deal if you knew where your birth certificate or social security card was but you don't.  It has long since disappeared somewhere in the 8 moves you've made over the last decade.  You walk back to your car and stand there, hoping that some resolution will suddenly come into view.  

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