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"We can go through's quicker".   He continues to stride ahead and pick up your pace slightlly so as to not to be left behind in the darkening expanse.  Ahead you see a small gap in the seemingly inpenetrable line of brush where it appears that one of the bushes has succumbed to disease or some other manner of death.  Xander pushes onward and finally pauses at the gap.  He pulls a branch back like a gentleman opening a door and flashes that disarming smile at you once again. 


"Ladies first."  he chimes with a dip of his head.  


You mock a courtsy and make your way forward, passing him and heading into the natural door, ducking to avoid the brambly bushes.  As you duck down you suddenly feel an impact at your throat and are yanked backwards.  The man with the trench coat has his forearm hooked around your neck in a choke hold.  His other hand quickly releases the branch and flies to your lips before you can utter a sound.  You try desperately to scream but his strength overpowers you and squeezes the oxygen from your lungs  He pulls your backwards into the dark bushes surrounding the park.  You can feel his hot breath on your cheek as he mumbles to himself in a cheery self satisfied chant.  You kick your legs frantically and claw desperately at his arm.  He tightens his grip on your neck further, choking off the air supply.  Your head begins to feel as though it's swelling as the blood supply builds, unable to move freely througout your body. Your vision begins to fade as the oxygen level in your body quickly plummets.  You use your last remaining strength to wage a final battle, but you're efforts are met with an ever tighter grip.  You suck in an attempt at a final breath as you sink into unconciousness.  

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