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A hum follows the loud sound and the orange glow of a space heater illuminates the room in an eerie glow as it kicks on.  The warm air rushing from the dirty metal box kicks up a small cloud of dust that dances in bizarre patterns as it curls and swirls through the illumination.  You are thankful for the heat.  The room itself isn't all that cold, but the hard cold concrete seems to suck the heat from your body like a demons sucking your life force from your body.  The dampness enshrouds you like a cold blanket, exasperating the borderline temperature.  Your eyes dart around the room, maximizing the additional light.  There are no windows.  A small gap around the door reveals no light on the other side, but gives you some hope of a possible escape.  You again focus on your auditory senses, trying to hear something beyond your prison cell, but still only silence greets your hope.  The faint hum of the space heater and your own heartbeat in your ears are the only sounds gracing the dungeon.  Suddenly the small heater kicks off again and the orange glow slowly fades.  You focus all your energy on the small diminishing glow, terrified to be returned to the blackness.  You close your eyes and pray that this is some horrible dream and that you will wake up any second.  


     You are unsure of how much time has passed when you are startled by the sound of footsteps and the rattle of the doorknob.  Fear freezes you in place.  You are unable to scream, terrified of who is lurking behind the door.  Your eyes grow wide with anticipation and terror as your gaze fixes on the sound of the dirty brass doorknob jiggling in the dark.  The heater kicks on again, making you shudder with fear.  The orange glow again returns and casts its glow on the dank room.  You hear the lock click and watch as the door cracks and slowly opens.  It creaks loudly as your captor pushes it open further.  The light from another single bulb in a stairwell creeps across the floor.   Your heart pounds harder and harder as a fear deeper than anything you have ever experienced seizes your body.  You scoot your naked body back against the cold concrete wall,  wedging yourself between two of the exposed studs.  



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