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You begin to pass the time counting miscellanious objects in the room.  Anything to distract you from the reality of your existance.  


48 cobwebs....22 studs......4 different colors of wiring.....12 overhead beams......33 links in the chain......17 dead bugs......2 dead mice.


Each day you catalog the changes in the count.  


    When you aren't distracting yourself with your own head games, your mind races with questions.  What is going to happen?  Why did this happen?   What is he going to do to me?  How could I have been so stupid?  Your brain begins to formulate alternate realities, wondering what would have happened if you had made  different choices.   


     One morning you wake up to an odd sensation of someone tugging on your leg.  You squirm a little and shake your leg slightly, trying to shoo away whatever bug has decided to crawl up your shin but the tugging ensues.  You look crack your eyelid open just as the heater kicks on and casts its glow over the room.  You squint your eyes, focussing on your leg outstretched in front of you.  You tighten your stare and focus on your shin as the light floods in.  There next to your right leg is a large rat.  He is squatting on his haunches and in his disgusting clutches is a portion of the scab covering the majority of your shin.  You shreik in disgust and the rat immediately sinks his teeth into his morsel and rips a large chunk of the scab from your leg, scampering off into a hole in the wall on the far side of the room with his prize.  It is at this moment that you begin devising possible escape scenarios.  

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