You sit there, shuddering with emotion, feeling completely devoid of energy.  Soon you hear the familiar sound of those boots in the hall again.  You fight down the lump in your throat and pull yourself together, determined not to give him the satisfaction of your emotional release a second time.  His footsteps sound different this time, they are accompanied by a scraping sound, like he is dragging something.  He stops outside the door and you hear a thud and a clank as he drops whatever he was carrying.  You hear the familiar click of the lock and he pushes the door open a crack, stopping to retrieve whatever package he deposited on the floor.  You sit up a little straighter, anxious to find out the reason for this early return.  The shadowy figure again enters the room.  You see the light streaming through the door glinting off something in his hand....its a gun.  He points the shiny barrel at you and a shudder consumes your body. You clench your teeth, preparing yourself for the imminent blast of the weapon.