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    You shoot a test to Jen and she lets you know where to meet them.  You head into the bathroom and jump into the shower to wash the day of work off you.  You open your playlist and turn up the volume on your phone, prepping yourself for a night out.  You lay the makeup on a little thicker than usual to account for the dimly lit club scene.  You fix your hair and throw on your favorite perfume.  You dance your way into the bedroom and begin sorting through the pile of clean clothes in the basket for something with mad sex appeal.  You opt for a pair of dark denim jeans with sparkly gems on the back pockets.  You pair it with a simple v neck top that you plan to wear over your liftiest Victoria's Secret bra.  You buckle up your spikey strappy heels and grab your purse.  As an after thought, you decide to just take your ID and debit card and tuck them in your bra.  You have a hard enough time keeping track of your purse even when you aren't drinking.  You rummage through your zipper compartment but they are no where to be found.  You open up the main part and start sifting through the volumes of pens, gum wrappers an paystubs....nothing.   You finally dump the contents onto the kitchen counter and meticulously sort through the contents, ending with a very small pile of usable items and a heap of garbage that you wad up and toss in the trash.  You search the apartment but still nothing.  You take a ragged frustrated breath and walk out to the car, checking the seat, the dash and the glove compartment, even though the last time you opened it was 3 months ago when you got a speeding ticket.  You sit there in the driver's seat and panic begins to set in.  You think to yoursef when the last time you used it was, which is easy because it was lunch this yesterday,  You distinctly remember the lady at the drive through handing them back to you because she commented on the ocean scene on the front of the card.  Suddenly recollection of the previous day slams into you.  When you came back from the park your door was ajar.  You had left your purse in the car and not locked it.  Someone stole it!   Your frustration turns to anger as you make your way back into the apartment.  You pick up the phone and begin to analyze the situation.  You had cash in your wallet, and credit cards....why weren't those taken.  It doesn't make any sense.  What does make sense is that you always take your debit card and your ID out together and thats why they are both gone.  You had to of dropped them.  You remember your trip to the park yesterday.  You must have dropped them when you got out of the car or maybe they fell out of your pocket when you sat on the bench. 

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