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You turn the key and prepare to head off to work.  You glance behind you quickly and begin to back out.  You are jolted by the undeniable realization that something just hit you.  You slam on the brakes with a sharp chirp.  You twist around in your set and peer behind you...nothing but an empty parking lot.  You open the door and lean out to the side,  looking for the source of the impact.  Behind the car you see a man seated on the ground next to his bike, rubbing his head.  


"Oh my god!"  Your voice is low and laced with fear.  You jump out of the car and rush to the man's side. 


"Are you ok? Oh my god!  I am so sorry!  I didn't see your there!  I am soooo sorry?"  you frantically touch his shoulder and arm, as if trying to determine the extent of the damage.  The dazed man winces a little as you grab his elbow to help him stand up.  He looks at you as you help him to a standing position, smiling kindly at you.  


"It's ok...I'm ok."


"I am so sorry"  you stammer "I should have been watching where I was going!  I am so sorry! Are you ok??"


"I am fine" he clarifies in a slightly amused voice "I think you are more rattled than I am."


"Do you want me to take you to the hospital?"  You ask, hoping he says no. "I can drive you."


"Really!  I'm ok!  I swear!" He exclaims, becoming a bit annoyed with your persuasion "Its not the first time I've been run down in a parking lot."


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