You remain seated on the floor with your knees pulled up to your chest and your head tilted to the side and tucked in behind your knees.  Your body shudders violently as the cold water drips from your soaked hair.  Your teeth chatter uncontrollably.  You clutch the restraints tightly in your frozen fingers, afraid they will become too numb and your will drop the cuffs, alerting him to your freedom.   The silhouette stands motionless in the doorway.  The only sound is that of your chattering teeth and periodic drops of water splashing into the pool around you.  After what seems an eternity, the man backs out of the room, flipping the hose out the door ahead of him and steps through the threshhold.  Just as he begins to pull the door closed, your icy fingers lose their grip on one the shackles and it crashes to the ground with a metallic ring that seems to echo throughout the room like the explosion of an atomic bomb.  The metallic clink rings out just as the door clicks shut.  The man pauses for a moment and you freeze in terror, sure that he heard the cuff.  A couple of moments pass and you hear the man pick up the hose and walk down the hallway.  You've never been so thankful for the fading sound of those footsteps.  The rim of the door goes dark and you hear the heavy distant door slam shut.  


    You quickly pull your wrists from the clamps and lay the cuffs next to you.  You slowly bring your arms forward and rub the raw skin around your wrists.  The muscles in your arms ache and cramp, having been in the same position for your entire time down here in the dark dank room.  You slowly pull yourself to a standing position using the wall behind you for leverage.  Your legs shake under your weight, the combonation of cold and atrophy straining their every movement.  You sit down next to the heater, careful not to move it, in case that psychopath has a knack for details.  The chills slowly subside as the orange glow radiates its heat toward you.   The wet floor now glistens in the orange glow.  You take a deep breath, enjoying the wet earthy smell that the improptu shower has brought forth from the concrete.  You feel suddenly refreshed, as if the water has washed away your fear and sense of dispair.  You know you can get out of here now.  He messed with the wrong girl. You grab the rusty hammer from the wall and hide it stratigically behind your spot on the floor.  You pull a couple long unused wires from the wall and place them with the hammer, just in case you need another option.  You are only going to get one shot and you have to be ready for anything.