"Wait, you cry" in a breathy voice, barely a squeak. "A condom....we need a condom"


     You let out and audible sigh and pull the curtain back for him to exit the shower  He grins and steps out, running like a kid to the candy store, leaving a trail of wet footprints on the wood floor and nearly slipping as he rounds the corner.  He returns almost immediately, suited for action and again slipping haphazzardly around the corner.  That's all you need, for him to slip and smash his brains on the sink before he gets back to the shower.  He jumps back into the shower and resumes where he left off, kissing and caressing your body.  You again place your foot on the side of the tub and pull him against you.  He enters you effortlessly sending a rush of both surprise and ecstacy through both of you at the realization of how perfectly your bodies fit one another, like two long lost puzzle peices.  He holds you steadily against the wall, rubbing against you with every deep upward thrust.  Hot water pours down between your bodies and steams rises up and clouds the room  You are taken to climax within minutes of his shaft penetrating you.  You feel him lose his balance as an orgasm rocks his body.   You revel in the feeling of his body clenching up under your touch as his release shatters him from the inside out.  He steadies himself and thrusts into you several more times, sending shutters through your overly sensitive loins,  The two of you crumple into one another against the wall.  You stroke his thick hair as he lays his head against your chest, pinning you helplessly and welcomly against the cool tile.  After a few deep breaths and a turn of the shower handle to cool, the two of you rinse off and climb out of the shower.  He takes a towel and rubs it all over your body.  The rough material makes you giggle as he rubs it between your legs, further agitating your erogenous zones, all on high alert.  


    You spend the day driving around the mountains, occassionally stopping at an overlook to enjoy the view,  You couldn't have dialed up a better day,  The breeze is warm and the sun manages to warm you when the coolness of the ride begins to bite,  You stop at a small restaurant and enjoy an amazing lunch, staring into one another's eyes the entire time.  You are falling hard for this guy.  Too hard, too fast.  As the sun sets, you pull up in front of the apartment.  You pull off the helmet and step up onto the curb.  You turn to face him and he stares into your eyes with a depth you have never seen from anyone, like your have been his forever.