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    The smiley brunette at the reception desk quickly interceeds. "You can go in, Mr. McAllister will be back in a moment."


You smile sweetly, making a concerted effort to conceal your disappointment.  You were really hoping to escape unnoticed in his absence. 


    You step through the door, preparing for the worst.  There is no one in the office.  It looks very different than last time you were here.  Mr. McAllister has always bee a hard ass and his office has always reflected that about him.  Stark white walls, a metal desk with nothing on it but files.  Pens and paperclips, neatly stacked in a desktop organizer and a giant window that was always shrouded in a heavy blind, giving the room a dark ominous look.  All the metal and white always reminded you of a gynecologist's office....sterile and uncomfortable.  Today, however, there is a very different ambiance in it's place.  The shade is thrown up and light is pouring into the spacious office,  There is a spectcular view of the mountains and a park  You had no idea he even had a view!  The old metal desk has been replaced by a lovely oak one with a matching bookcase.  The metal and plastic chairs, reminiscent of those from highschool have been replaced by very executive looking leather bound desk chairs.  In the corner, a large fichus tree reaches towards the sun illuminating the room.  Several awards and photographs grace the walls and a very amythest shaded desk lamp sits on the desk.  The pens, paperclips and files are still immaculately organized but they don't seem so much anally retentive as just clean and neat now,  You notice a photograph on the desk of Mr McAllister and a very attractive woman in an embrace with a gorgeous sunset gracing the background.  You turn the picture towards you and look at it quizically.  "I didn't know Mr McAllister was married?" you quietly ask yourself outloud.  Who would marry that bastard, you think to yourself.  You laugh a little to yourself, thinking about the poor woman in the picture.  "Crazy bitch as no idea"  you say to yourself.  Just then you hear the door creak behind you.



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