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"Ok" you plot "If he wants to play this game, I can play along."


You walk into the adjacent bedroom and strip down, pulling the shirt on quickly over your exposed body.  You watch over your shoulder, terrified to be caught indisposed, even though you are about to walk out in nearly nothing.  You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and marvel at just how alluring you appear in his shirt.  You roll the sleeves up and strike a sexy pose.   This guy is doomed.  You walk out into the living room with a drool inducing strut, fully expecting an eager audience, but you are surprised to find that Ristain has relocated to the kitchen.  


"I've got you all set up to start on that far wall" he calls loudly from the kitchen. "The one by the fireplace.  Your brush is next ot the roller.  I already put paint in the pan".


Your overinflated ego suddenly deflates like a balloon someone let go before tying the knot.  You  feel very selfconcious standing there in next to nothing.  Maybe he really did just invite you over for some help.  You're still not entirely convinced he's even straight.   Doubts cloud your mind as you pick up the paintbrush and begin painting, beginning at the stone and working sideways across the wall.   A few minutes later, you are startled by a warm hand on your lower back. 


"You're doing it all wrong" He chimes.  He puts his arm around your waist and pulls you against him.  His hand traces from your waist, up your extended arm, taking your hand in his and directing the brush in an up and down motion.  


"Like this" He whispers in a hot breath in your ear. 

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