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You decide to stick around the house.  You are so pleased with yourself that you decide to pull out one of the numerous pints of Ben and Jerry's in the freezer.  You plop yourself down in front of the tv and start eating by the spoonful.  


   You waste away the day cramming ice cream and potato chips down your throat with that addictive pattern of sweet, salty, sweet, salty..... You eat yourself into a stupor and pass out in front of the tv,  bag of chips clutched lovingly in your grasp. 


You wake up Monday morning with one hell of a gut ache.  No doubt the result of your incredible diet the day before.   You stretch out in your chair, stiff from the awkward position you adopted throughout the night.  You twist around and squint at the readout on the microwave.  12:00......12:00...12:00 blinks mockingly back at you.  You leap to your feet, ok maybe more of a quick climb, and waddle over to your phone.  11:30!   You slept in!  Damn you Ben and go to Hell Jerry. 



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