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      The two of you stumble into a stall together and continue your conversation while hovering over the only seat in the house.  The conversation quickly turns to an unsavory discussion of what erotic deeds are going to be enacted with the two herculean studs at the table.  


      You weave your way back together through the maze of people,  again, narrowly excaping a barrage of physical invitations to dance.  You find yourself pausing momentarily with a couple of them, enjoying the pulsation of the music.  It's almost time to do some dancing, you decide.  Brian and Steve have another round waiting for you as you top the stairs and make your way to the table.  


     You and Jen pound your drinks and head out to the dancefloor, hand in hand.  You snake your way through the crowd and down the spiral staircase down to the floor.  Jen pulls you through the sea of gyrating men and women until the two of your reach the center of the action.  The two of your writhe and roll with the pulsating music, pushing your bodies against one another in a provocative manner. Several other females join you and a group of men stand back and stare at the erotic display so obviously designed to peak their

attention and torment them mercilously.  Occassionally one of the hungry pack attempts to join the feminine orgy but he is quicky

rejected and sent back to the Alpha, tail between his legs, in failure.  You can feel your shirt, wet with perspiration, clinging to your back

and your chest.  Trickles of sweat meander their way between your chest, sending cool tickles all the way to the snug waistline of your jeans.  One of the songs comes to an end and you stop for a moment to catch your breath.  You find yourself immediately feeling light headed.  Your ears start to ring and your vision fades to a blurry circle framed in darkness.  You steady yourself on Jen's shoulder as

you sway back and forth.  You feel your mouth begin to water profusely as if you are going to puke.  The ringing in your ears intensifies

and the sickening nausea creeps up your throat.  

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