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As painful as the reality of the situation is, you know that moving on is the right thing to do.  You drive back by Ristain's house. The windows are dark and you can only assume that he isn't home yet.  You walk up to the porch and deposit the beautiful ring into the mailbox for him to find when he returns.   You turn around and make your way off the porch.  The ricketty boards creak under your heels and as you take a step, one of the rotten boards gives out beneath you sending you falling hard into the handrail.  The wood railing breaks your fall, but only just.   You grab your stomach, as pain sears through your body.   You catch your breath and limp your way to the car.  You drive home, massaging your aching belly.   You climb out of the car and turn to close the door, cursing your luck as you look disparagingly  at the blood stain in the driver's seat.  Better late than never you think to yourself as you go inside to grab the peroxide.  

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