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    You slump back into your chair again.  Unsure exactly what you should do with yourself.  You don't exactly feel tired after your day of lounging.  You watch a couple of hours of late night tv and eventually head to your bedroom.  It's surprisingly easy to fall asleep.  Apparently you had some serious sleep debt to catch up on.  


    Saturday morning comes around and you decide to spend it cleaning up your filthy apartment.  You scower and clean every square inch of your dingy abode.  It seems surprisingly bright when you are done.  You always forget how nice it feels when it's clean.  You head off to the grociery store and pick up your coffee filters and other assorted neccessities.  You also hit the local shopping centers and pick up a couple nice suits for work.  You wander back home about 5:30 and make yourself some dinner.  You try calling Jen but don't have any luck reaching her.  You are fairly certain she is still recuperating fro a pretty serious hangover from the night before.  Part of you wishes you would have done, but another, more sensible side, is happy you decided to stay put.  You lounge around the apartment, enjoying the nice clean place and head to bed early.  


    You wake up early Sunday morning.  You take a deep breath and savor the somehow satisfying scent of Mr. Clean and Pine Sol.  You crawl out of bed and prepare the morning coffee, rather pleased with yourself when you pull out an actual coffee filter.  You feel incredible;  well rested, proud; satisfied.  The thought actually crosses your mind to go to the gym.  You've had the membership for about 6 months but have only dragged yourself there a handful of times.  Jen was supposed to be your gym buddy but her motivation lasted about a week less than your own.  

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