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    You collect yourself and drive to Ristain's house.  You pull up to the house and are surprised to see how amazing it looks.  The porch as been rebuilt, and although a bit amateur, it looks a thousand times better than before.  The faded exterior has been repainted in a sunny yellow color with white trim.  You open the quaint picket fence gate and make your way to the front door.  You stand on your tip toes and peer through the little stained glass window at the top of the door.  You can make out a small light, perhaps a reading light, but the rest of the house stands quiet and dark.  You cant see his motorcycle or his car in the driveway.  Part of you hopes they are in the garage....part of you hopes they aren't.  A small decorate sign hangs next to the door.  The name "Tayne"  is carved and burned into a beautiful peice of hardwood.  A lump forms in your throat.  You pull the small velvet box from your pocket and squeeze it tightly in your hand.  Mustering all your courage and throwing away your pride, you knock on the heavy door.  No response.  You knock again, a little louder this time.  You see some motion inside but stil no one comes to the door.  One more time you try to coax him to the door.


"Please answer the door Ris, I need to talk to you"  you beg, burying your face into the corner of the heavy door frame.  You finally flop down on the porch swing,  accepting the fact that you have blown it.   You tilt your head back and stare at the sky.  The stars are blazing agains the night sky, brighter than you can remember seeing them.  A tear trickles down your cheek as you sway back and forth on the swing, lost in regret.  


"They're bright tonight, aren't they?"  whispers a voice behind you.  




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