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His brow furrows and his lips tightens as he prepares his voice. 


"I have felt like such an idiot since that night....wondering how I could have been so wrong.  How I could have felt so much when you felt so little.  You hurt me so bad that day."  He looks up at you with tears threatening to escape his eyes. "I had everything planned out and when you said those things to me......well, it just shattered everything.  Every beautiful memory, every thought of the future I thought we had was gone in an instance, tainted with doubt."


Your moment of relief is quickly replaced by regret.  You were an idiot to think he would just move past this and the two of you would carry on right where you left off. 


"I know Ris, I'm so sorry.  I was an idiot....I didn't' mean those things, I swea........."


"Let me finish!"  he stops you abruptly. "When you came over that night I knew you were telling me the truth and all I wanted was to take you in my arms and forgive you..."  His voice trails off suddenly as he chokes back emotion, pausing to regain his composure.  "But I was so angry.  I just wanted to make you suffer and feel the way I did.  I honestly thought I could walk away and make you live with the regret, but all it did was make me suffer more....knowing how you felt."


He stops and looks into your eyes, changing the position of his handd,  wrapping yours in his and squeezing them tightly. 





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