"Very well" the doctor states as your father conveys their wishes. "  I will go get the paperwork, I sugget you take this time to say your goodbyes."  


Your mom and dad kneel beside your bed, taking your hands in yours and crying as they recollect the times they shared with you as a child.  The tell you how much they love you and how sorry they are.  You desperately try to respond, trying to tell them not to give up on you....that you are still here!   The doctor returns with some paperwork and your mother and father sign the execution order.  A nurse comes in and stand next to your bed with your parents.  They stand and hold your hands, shaking uncontrollably as the doctor reaches for the stark white machine.  He flips a switch and the beeping trails off, following a short alarm to notify the abrupt cancellation of services.  You lay there, recounting the moments of your life, taking inventory of all your accumulations over the years.  All you know for sure is that you would give them all up for just one more Christmas with your family.  


You feel your chest deflate with a hiss.  For a moment you feel as though you might be ok....like you're going to start breathing on your own, but nothing happens. Panic floods your mind as you fight to take a breath, but the struggle is only in your imagination.  Darkness begins to close around you and all you are left to hold onto is regret.