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You stay at the house and finish up all your paperwork, undaunted by Jen's relentless pursuit to pull you over to the dark side.  You work dilligently and end up finishing even sooner than you anticipated.  You check the clock, wonder you are hungry.  You grab your phone and google pizza delivery in your area.  You call up one of your favorites and order a deep dish pepperoni with extra cheese.  


"Will that be cash or credit" asks the boy on the phone. 


"Debit"  you respond and start rummaging around through your purse.  "Just a minute"  you pour through the contents of your purse but your debit card and your driver's license are no where to be found.  


"Ummmmm....let me call you back.."  you hang up the phone and franticallyy dump out everything in your purse.   They're gone.  Your cash is still there but no debit card and no ID.  Your mind flashes back to lunch at the park.  Maybe you dropped it when you went to sit on the bench or maybe it fell out of the car when you got out.  You vividly remember getting both back from the lady at the drive through.  

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