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You step inside the office.  Its a wreck.  Papers are stacked everywhere and there are far too many file cabinets for such a small space. You glance down at the desk and the man feverishly working behind it.  Det. Jace Stone is engraved on a name plate.  Beyond that, there is just more clutter.  


"Have a seat"  the deep voice instructs and you pull up a padded metal chair, clearing a couple of files from it before doing so.  


You sit there nervously, wringing your hands until they are white with lack of blood flow.  


"Ok.  So you need to make a report?"   He looks up from his work.  He is a handsome guy.  He has deep set bright green eyes shrouded by thick black lashes.  His ebony skin is stunning against the light blue of his police uniform.    You swallow hard, realizing just how embarassed you are to actually say out loud what happened.  You open your mouth to begin but are immediately interrupted by a knock at the door. The knocker doesn't wait for an invitation.  The door swings open and another officer lean into the office. 


"Hey Stone, I need the file on that drug bust down on Dickerson" the cop demands.   


You look up from your hands at the imposing figure and your mouth immediately drops to the floor.  It's Cade, Jen's date from the club.  He looks down at you and a flash of recognition sparks in his eyes.   


"Uh.....nevermind.......I'll get it later"  Cade, or whatever his name is quickly retreats, slamming the door behind him.  Your heart begins to pound out of your chest and you begin to hyperventilate.  

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